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  • Olivia Clay

Time Pour x Karrawingi Park

Time Pour x Karrawingi Park brings you the charming Garden Bar that knows how to impress.

Designed and handcrafted specifically for Karrawingi Park, the Garden Bar is 2.4m in length and handsome by design, with a timber cladding front and fresh white panelled sides. The benchtop is made from Tasmanian Oak, and coated to enhance and protect its natural colour. Simply stunning, but don't worry he won't outshine you.

The Garden Bar is fully equipped with two taps, allowing guests to enjoy freshly poured beer from the glass. Choose from a Basic or Premium Package, or provide your own beer, wine and sparkling for them to serve. Add beautifully garnished cocktails or a champagne tower to the menu, and you're guaranteed to dazzle.

Their carefully curated team of personable bar staff and mixologists are specialised in turning a trip to the bar into an experience of its own. They aren't just there to serve, they are there to delight and wonder.


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