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When can we access Karrawingi Park to start setting up our wedding reception?


Access to Karrawingi Park is available from 12pm, two days before your scheduled wedding day, (e.g., if your wedding is on a Saturday, you have access from midday Thursday). This generally allows enough time for your marquee company to assemble the marquee.

What are the noise restrictions?

As we are situated in a residential area, noise restrictions to apply. Loud noises are not permitted at the following times.

Mon - Thu: before 7 am and after 10 pm.

Fri: before 7 am and after 11 pm.

Sat: before 9 am and after 11 pm.

Sun: before 9 am and after 10 pm.

For more information please refer to the EPA Website.

Can we have pegs in the ground?

Generally, yes. However, there is one particular small area that is out of bounds to pegs due to irrigation piping just under the surface.

What's included in the fees for each hire package?


Please ask for our Wedding Packages and we will be able to provide you with all the relevant information.

Do you have any car park restrictions? What if we have a limo or bus?

There is generally plenty of space to accommodate all vehicles.  We provide attendants to organise the parking in an orderly manner.

What happens if we need to change the date or cancel our wedding

If you wish to change the date, we will endeavour to find a suitable alternative date. The deposit will still be valid. A cancellation will void the deposit.

How do we secure our date?

To secure your date you must confirm this with Steve and pay a 20% deposit and return our Wedding Questionnaire.

Is there access to electricity?


Yes, electricity is accessible and a part of our reception packages. Electricity is not generally required for a ceremony only.

Do you have accommodation onsite?

We do not have any formal accommodation on-site. There are plenty of accommodation options nearby, some of our favourites are the Lakeside Villas at Crittenden Estate, Stony Creek Cottages or  Haven Red Hill.

Is there access to a kitchen?

There are no kitchen facilities.  There is access to a fridge and freezer and cold running water should the need arise.

How many different locations do you have for photos and ceremony set up?


Our most popular ceremony spot is by the Billabong in front of the weeping willow trees, however something different may take your fancy. Your reception space is limited to your marquee size, but typically marquees are set up anywhere on the Lawn. We highly recommend you schedule a visit to see for yourself all that Karrawingi Park offers.

Can we have a rehearsal?

Yes, provided you book a day and time that does not clash with other events. Please email Steve at to secure a rehearsal date.

Who organises next day rubbish removal?

You must organise your own next-day waste removal/recycling service. If you need a recommendation we have a local supplier who provides wheelie bins that differentiate in coloured lids for garbage, bottles and cardboard. 

When is the final invoice due? 

The final invoice is due one month prior to your booking date. We will send you a reminder one week before it is due.

What time does everyone need to vacate the property?


Ceremonies have a 3-hour time limit. Friday and Saturday receptions must end no later than 11pm, while weekday receptions (Sunday-Thursday) must end no later than 10pm.

Can we bring our dog?

We’d hate for your fur baby to miss out on one of the most important days of your lives. Dogs are permitted; however, we strongly recommend you designate a dog sitter for the day. Please ensure any excrements are picked up.   

Are there toilets on site?

We have one accessible toilet on site. It is a requirement of hiring one extra toilet for receptions of 51-100 guests, two extra toilets for 101-150 guests, etc. Although this is the required number, your guests may be comfortable with more.

How do we access water?

There is a cold running water tap in the vicinity of the events.

Can we have our guests throw confetti?

Guests can throw organic/biodegradable confetti only. We recommend natural confetti like rose petals.

Do we need to pay a bond?

There is no requirement to pay a bond. The deposit is enough to secure the date.

Are there any restrictions on the consumption of alcohol?


You must have RSA licensed bartenders serving alcohol.

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