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  • Olivia Clay

The Powder Room

We not only answer an age old question, but we provide a solution too.

Why do women always go to the bathroom together? The answer, because bathroom adventures are fun and should be shared. The bathroom is like a secret room where they can have private conversations, fix themselves up and most importantly, make friends with strangers.

Here at Karrawingi Park, we understand that being a DIY Venue and only providing access to a single toilet can result in your guests missing out on this experience entirely. In most cases you must organise additional toilets. These days there are much nicer options than the classic worksite portaloo, but your guests are still missing out on the entire bathroom experience.

Which is why we come to you with a solution:

Waiting for the toilet never felt so g l a m o r o u s !

The Powder Room is intended to replicate the vanity area of a bathroom. Fully furnished with a floor rug, golden vintage couch and armchair, dressing table and pouf, plus festoon lights, it’s sure to impress your guests. Here, they can fix their hair, reapply makeup and compliment each others outfits - the perfect bonding experience for your friends and family.

Set it up wherever you'd like and style it as you please. The dresser draws are great for filling with emergency items such as hair ties, deodorant and stain remover. Hire cost is just $350, email today to secure.


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