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  • Olivia Clay

Meet the Family


Karrawingi Park started as a passion project for my my grandparents, Doug and Aileen.

They built their house at 993 Stumpy Gully Road in 1958, the house my dad and his brothers grew up in and the one the two of them still live in today. The garden itself they've been working on since they moved in, amidst this Karrawingi Park was created.

They like to say they've 'retired' but they can't help but tend to the garden.

Mate and Doug celebrated 69 years of marriage in July 2022.


Today their son (my dad) Steve manages the Park. He's probably not what you expect, and the likelihood he will greet you while wearing a Monster Energy hat is pretty high. Don't let that fool you though, he's cool. Not just the type of cool you want to be friends with, but the relaxed easy breezy kind of cool too.

Any questions you have direct them to Steve, he's your guy!


And me, my name is Olivia. I mostly look after the digital presence of the Park (I bet you could tell it wasn't Steve handling the socials). I have a background in event management and marketing so I kind of just put my skills to use.

I feel a special connection with the Park and spend a lot of my time fantasizing about its future. My brain is flooded with ideas that I am yet to execute, so watch this space. Follow along @karrawingipark.

And that's the team! Thanks for meeting us and for considering Karrawingi Park.


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